Sachin - A tribute

I have always been a supporter of underdogs. I never liked anybody run away with all the glory and records. Be it Schumacher or Federer or Sachin. I always supported Kimi, Nadal and anybody who would come close to Sachin’s record. First it was Dravid, then Ganguly, Ponting and now Kohli. On several occasions I have said that Ponting will break Sachin’s records which my friends won’t let me forget.
To make it clear, I always liked, admired and loved Sachin. As with anybody else, my question always used to be “Score? How much Sachin?” But he was never my favourite cricketer. Probably in our insignificance, Sachin critics (sometimes me as well) could never fathom that somebody could be so great, so loved and so respected - by so many people at the same time. Personally I could not accept that somebody, anybody – could not stand somebody standing heads and shoulders above others.
But Sachin, You are not just anybody.
If there is anybody who could unite the whole of India, it is You, Sachin. Divided by states, United by God. Nobody else deserved the Honour, Respect and Love with which we said our goodbyes than You. It was great that Your retirement was separated from the others because You do deserve that special GoodBye. You were the greatest batsman but a much much greater Man.
Not only do I love, respect and admire You. I, like 1.1 billion other people am now your devotee. I can’t be a true Indian otherwise. I was wrong. You did not run away with all the records and glory. You earned all Glory, Records, Love and Respect.

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